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Welcome to The Vanner

Welcome to The Vanner Magazine. The official publication of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. 

This annual yearbook is designed to provide educational information on the Gypsy Vanner Breed and the GVHS Registry as well as celebrate members’ accomplishments in the show ring and participation in other equine activities (parades, expos, therapy horses, endurance and trail riding, etc.).

The theme of the 2024 edition is The Gypsy Vanner:  Breeding and Foaling.  Where there is a Gypsy Vanner horse involved there is always an adventure.   In this edition, we will feature stories of breeding and foaling, the good and the challenging.

Copies of The Vanner are mailed to all GVHS Members, magazine contributors and advertisers. Copies can be ordered Here.

Advertising and Article Submission information for contributors can be found in the PDF 2024 Media Kit and  

2024 Media Kit

2024 Call for Article Submissions

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